Freelance Writer: Worth it or Not?

Is freelance writing really worth your time? What does it really look like?

For years I have wanted to be a writer. Ever since I was ten years old I wanted to write and create my own stories, fabricating my own worlds and mysteries. However, recently,(past five years), I have been looking at what it really means to be a writer. What does it look like and what kind of options are there?

I have already chosen my option (Journalism) but I thought to myself, like last week, how many people are still searching? So I decided to write one or two articles on a couple of job options for writers. There are so many people who have told me over the course of my life that writing is not a career. It only works for some people and it will never work for you. However, I have decided to prove those people wrong instead of letting myself fall into the  “Pit of Despair” that most writers fall into.

The “Pit of Despair” is one that I had to force myself to avoid. Most people get told that they can’t write for their life’s work and then promptly decide to give up on their dream and become an accountant or a nurse in order to have a better income. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing but if you are really, and I mean really, passionate about writing than I believe that you should share it with the world and not hide it because of the fear of tomorrow or the fear of bills.

Anyways, let me move on to the job FREELANCE WRITING because I could talk about the pit forever…I need to get off my soapbox more often…

So, Freelance Writing is the least reliable job out of all of the writing jobs I looked at. A lot of people work a second job while dong freelance because it can either pay a lot or nothing really at all. Here are some different kinds of “Freelance Gigs”.

  • Social Media (Post for other companies).
  • Blogging (Basically this, although I don’t get paid).
  • Writing Content contributor (Contribute articles to a magazine for a profit – not hired on as full-time though.
  • Editing/ Editor (You can edit a few articles or essays for someone for a profit; I actually do this right now for home school moms).

I, personally, don’t want to focus on getting a freelance job as my primary job in the future but, for right now, I have found that they help college students get internships and fulltime jobs in the future.

I don’t have anything against them at all. I think they are good temporarily and in small doses. I do not think they are good for fulltime employment because it’s like being famous…only a small collective few get paid the big bucks.

If you are interested though in getting a look at some possibilities for employment, here is  a day-to-day posting with some freelance jobs for those of you who are looking 🙂

So here was my little blurb on Freelance. I didn’t really want to go into it too much because it is fairly simple: you write, they pay. You write a page or so or a few social media things and you get a check for two to three hundred dollars. However, that is probably all you will get until your next “gig”.

Stay posted for more on writing and Jobs! You’ll all get there fellow scribes!



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